Product Overview

Here you can find an overview of and what you can do with it is both a WebID infrastructure provider and a platform for developers to easily build Solid- and WebID-compatible apps. A WebID infrastructure provider

As a WebID infrastructure provider, should be seen as a loosely coupled collection of components that are required by the W3C Solid standards:

  • WebID Registry: Hosts the WebID profile document and resolves the URIs to the right profile document.
  • Store: The linked data platform on which the data is hosted combined with the authorisation server that contains the access controls for this data. This component is often called a 'pod server'.
  • Identity Provider: An identity provider that currently lets users authenticate using one-time-passwords
  • Authorisation Agent: An application that allows users to manage who can access what in such a way that it is interoperable between other applications and actors.


Not really familiar with the W3C Solid and WebID standards? Check out the WebID and Solid Primer first! An application development platform

As a development platform, provides APIs and tools so you can easily create applications that rely on the Solid and WebID standards

Environments: Production and Sandbox

In order for you to easily develop your application, we have created a Sandbox environment that mirrors our production environment exactly. This way, you can experiment without having to worry.

What’s Next