Some WebID providers provide a procedure to discover the WebID of a user while asking the user to share data at the same time.

This endpoint initiates such a procedure at the WebID provider that is configured for your tenant and structures this procedure using the OAuth 2.0 Code Grant Flow using PKCE.

Redirect URI

After you have called this endpoint, eventually, the user will be redirected to a URI that you have specified.

This URI will look as follows:

  • In case of a successful procedure:
  • In case of an error:

Limitations and considerations

  • The client_id parameter must match those of the custom domain of the tenant. Example: in case of, the client_id must be any of *
  • The redirect_uri parameter must match one of redirect_uris as specified in client_id.
  • Currently, only code is allowed as response_type
  • Currently, only S256 is allowed as code_challenge_method
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