2023 02 24 - Version 1.11.0

New features

  • use.id WebID Infra: Publication of .well-known/oauth-client files for app WebIDs
    If you have an application, you need to have a client_id and client_id document to let your users login using Solid-OIDC. In this release, we start to publish this file at a standard location. In the future, we will adapt our login procedure so the WebID of your app can be used as a client_id

  • use.id Connect: Support for custom domains
    We’ve noticed that some customers were using use.id Connect as the sole backend for their single page app. To further support this use case, we now allow custom domains for use.id Connect

  • use.id Connect: Verification of verifiable credentials
    Resources retrieved through use.id Connect could be a verifiable credential. From now on, you can, in the same call, ask to verify these credentials by setting a query parameter. The verification result will be shown in custom HTTP headers.

Minor changes

  • Several improvements to our CI/CD pipeline